From parent E.D.F. with a child at SCCS since Preschool, now in Elementary

My daughter has attended SCCS for 7 years—from Preschool through 4th grade this year.  SCCS has been a huge contributor to how capable, independent, and confident she is.  I can’t say enough about the very talented teachers—both in the Preschool and Elementary school—and their love for the students here.  Every single year, my daughter has been loved, encouraged, and challenged with an exciting curriculum, taught by creative teachers who care not only about what she is learning, but about her heart and how she relates to those around her.  The terrific teacher:student ratio and small group work are a key factor in her growth every year.  Not only has our daughter developed wonderful friendships here, but as parents, we also have developed meaningful friendships with other SCCS parents.  We love SCCS and highly recommend it to every family!