From the Chi family, with a child in Elementary

If you are a prospective parent evaluating schools (private or public), you should definitely visit Santa Clara Christian School, led by Pastor and Principal Mr. Stuart Nice.

From my understanding, this school has a longstanding tradition of excellence.  My son has attended this school since Kindergarten, and is soon to graduate the 5th grade.  I am happy and proud to say, this school has prepared him well on his acceptance to The Kings Academy for the upcoming fall semester.

My son absolutely loves SCCS and is very sad to soon leave this wonderful school.  Because of his almost six-year experience here, he’s mature with academic, personal, interpersonal, and spiritual growth.  As parents, we believe these are some of the fundamental building blocks our kids need to succeed in future environments.

Above all, this school not only offers a safe and nurturing environment, but the kids actually feel safe and the freedom to achieve.  The school does a fantastic job making sure all kids have an opportunity to do their best.  All prospective parents should come visit this school and see all the achievements these kids do during their time in each of the graded classes.  Examples are the real world projects, arts, theater, and traditional academic disciplines such as English, Math, History, and Science.  I believe you do not have to be a Christian to attend, but for those of faith, SCCS does a fantastic job teaching Christianity.  The student ratio is unheard of nowadays, as your kids will receive great attention from a low student to teacher ratio.  We’ll miss all the wonderful SCCS staff and this school, as they have also helped us grow as parents!