Preschool FAQ


+ At what ages do you enroll preschoolers?

After their second birthday, through Pre-K (typically age 4-5).

+ Do you provide hot lunch and snacks?

Yes. As part of tuition, we provide nutritious morning and afternoon snacks, and hot lunch prepared daily by our professional, in-house chef.

+ Do you enroll students who are not yet potty trained?

Yes. Our teachers partner with parents to assist in potty training during school time. Students must be potty trained by age 3-1/2 at our school.

+ What does “being potty trained" mean at SCCS?

Being fully potty trained means that students wear underwear only (no diapers during class or nap time), that they can let the teachers know when they need to go to the bathroom, fully manage clothing up and down, go to the bathroom on their own, and wipe cleanly after both urination or bowel movement. Please note that SCCS does not allow pull-ups; we allow diapers or underwear. All students who are not yet able to master these skills fully are considered non-potty trained, and must be in our 2-3 year old class whose teachers specialize in potty training.

+ What hours are you open?

Our school opens at 7am, and closes at 6pm. We have a variety of schedules available.

+ What schedules do you offer?

For non-potty trained students, we require attendance 5 days a week, either from 9am to 12pm, or for a full day. Our full day can begin as early as 7am, or go as late as 6pm. For potty trained students, we offer 9-12 or full day schedules for 2 days (Tuesday/Thursday), 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or 5 days (Monday - Friday) per week.

+ What time must students be in class?

Students must be checked in and seated by 9am each day, so they can participate in the first group learning time of the day (circle time), a very important time for every student.

+ Do students need to know English?

It is very helpful for students to know at least some basic English. We have many bilingual and multi-lingual students here, and find that when immersed in English, students can be quick to grasp the language. Our teachers do teach in English.

+ Do students need to nap?

By California Licensing law, we are required to have a nap time for two hours per day. Our students nap or rest from 1pm – 3pm daily. While they do not have to sleep, they must quietly rest. We encourage resting by turning the lights down and playing soft music to create a soothing environment.

+ Do you have field trips?

We don’t take students off campus for field trips, but we have “field trips” come to us. We have various special events each year brought onto campus (for example, petting zoo, puppet shows, etc.).

+ Do you need to be of the Christian faith to attend SCCS?

It’s not required that children or their families be of the Christian faith to attend SCCS. Our daily Bible teaching is an important part of our curriculum, however, and helps children both develop positive character traits and learn how to have positive relationships.


Elementary FAQ

+ How many classes do you have per grade?

SCCS offers one class per grade, for Kindergarten through 5th grade.

+ How can a student enroll at SCCS?

The first step is for us to meet your child, and test him or her for grade-appropriate knowledge. All newly entering Elementary students must be tested, so that we can ensure that SCCS will be a good academic fit for your child. Please note: there is a charge for testing, due at the time of your visit by cash or check. After testing, parents may complete an application for admission, available in the office.

+ What is the motto of SCCS?

Our motto is "LOVING. LEARNING. LEADING. SERVING.” These words summarize our heart in educating the whole child: socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Our teachers are dedicated to helping students learn life lessons that will take them beyond Elementary school, to not only be their best, but also positively impact others for a lifetime.

+ Do you need to be of the Christian faith to attend SCCS?

It’s not required that children or their families be of the Christian faith to attend SCCS. Our daily Bible teaching is an important part of our curriculum, however, and our subjects are taught from a biblical worldview.

+ In what kind of community service projects does SCCS participate?

Various field trips and on-campus events allow SCCS students to interact with and serve the local community and beyond, for example: singing at a local Senior Center, or collecting Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts to be sent to children around the world. Families from SCCS also have an opportunity to participate in a summer outreach mission to Guatemala (ages 7 and up).

+ What are school hours?

School starts promptly at 8:30am and on most days ends at 3pm. On certain days such as the end of a quarter or before a major holiday vacation, school may close at noon.

+ Do you have before and after school care?

Yes. We offer Extended Care beginning at 7am until school begins at 8:30am, and after school most days through 6pm, for an additional charge. Extended Care rate packages are available for families who will use it every day. Families may use extended care on an as-needed basis at an hourly rate. Extended Care is also open on some Teacher In-Service days or holidays when school is closed.

+ Does SCCS offer financial aid?

SCCS does have limited financial aid available for Elementary students. Families must apply annually for financial aid. It can take up to six weeks to evaluate financial aid once documents are received, so please allow plenty of time for evaluation.