Elementary Program


Santa Clara Christian School is a Christ-centered school that partners with families to educate and nurture the mind, spirit, and heart of each child that they may grow in knowledge, faith, and wisdom.

Elementary school is a time of academic learning, social adaptation, and discovery of the world in which we live. Children at this age are bundles of energy, eager to absorb their surrounding culture and learn from people around them. What better place for education to take place than in the community environment of a nurturing school, one that recognizes the uniqueness of the students God has created!

Philosophy and Purpose of Santa Clara Christian School

Santa Clara Christian School opened in August 1995 as a private, Christian school, committed to providing our students with a solid academic foundation in a biblically-based world view and Christian environment. We believe our role as a school is to partner with the family and church to help in the education of the whole child. We desire to encourage and inspire our students for lives of service, purpose, and leadership by establishing strong roots both spiritually and academically. As a Christian school, we provide a safe, loving, environment, serving as an extension of the educational training in the home and the church.

Our program is based on the following truths:

  • God has created each child uniquely in His image and has given that child special talents which should be developed and enhanced in a manner that glorifies God.

  • We value and encourage Christian character development as revealed in the Bible. Every class follows a Bible curriculum chosen to help the student identify Christ-like characteristics that enhance quality of life. Such characteristics include reverence of God, love for neighbors, kindness, obedience, patience, and honesty. Each child is encouraged to place their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life. (John 3:36, Romans 10:9,10)

  • We build a solid academic foundation. Mastery of the foundational disciplines of reading, writing, and math prepares our students for future learning in all other subjects. Our course of study meets or exceeds the educational objectives set forth in the public sector.

  • We believe a well-structured learning environment is essential for developing academic skills and helping children feel secure to enjoy their school experiences.

  • We believe children develop self-discipline and confidence in their own abilities as they are encouraged and nurtured.

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